Creating landmark projects across Austin

Civilitude Group of Companies started in 2010 with the founding of Civilitude Engineers and Planners which has become one of the fastest growing companies in Central Texas over the last 11+ years. Civilitude provides civil engineering services, but more than anything it solves complex problems. Other verticals have been created over the years to solve other problems of great magnitude like Affordable Housing. They include Capital A Housing, Constructinople, Urbanuity, Fabitat, and K921 Management. The Civilitude Group exists to make the greater Austin area a better place to live, work and play for ALL people.

Civilitude is one of the fastest growing companies in Central Texas. We provide civil engineering and planning services centered around land development. In Austin, we have learned alongside our clients how many different variables and unforeseen obstacles can derail or delay a project. We have grown and expanded our skill-set to meet those challenges. Civilitude is big enough to get the job done on any development project, but nimble enough to be creative problem-solvers while providing exceptional customer service.

Constructinople is a woman and minority-owned business that brings the services of design and build together as an offering. This brings better integration and seamlessness required for every successful development project. The team focuses on projects to cater to the demand for affordable housing in Austin.

Capital A Housing is a development company of affordable and mixed-income projects from a quarter acre to 50 acres in the Austin area. Its niche is “the developer people don’t hate” – specializing in projects that are responsive to neighborhood, city, and elected official concerns and aspirations; that deliver outstanding amenities, affordability, and services; and in the process accomplish rezonings or other permissions that would be politically infeasible for more standard developments. We call it “Development for Good.”

Urbanuity specializes in market-rate real estate development for in-fill projects to optimize vacant spaces. The projects are thoughtfully developed to enhance functionality and impart a vibrant character to out-of-action city spaces.

Fabitat is the newest entity in the group that that specializes in realty brokerage and property management. Fabitat manages sales, HOA, and maintenance of multiple projects across Austin in both affordable and market-rate housing.

K921 Management serves as the internal management company for all Civilitude group entities leading the accounting, HR and other business operations efforts. As part of K921, Capital B Equity Partners was formed to invest in entrepreneurs and small businesses with high growth potential.


Fayez Kazi
Fayez KaziFounder & CEO
Civilitude Group of companies

Fayez is passionate about creating vibrant, complete communities. His expertise ranges from urban planning and zoning to civil infrastructure design and land development. Fayez’s work has changed the Austin skyline. More importantly, he has created opportunities for his employees and students alike to make a difference in the community. His belief in bettering communities doesn’t end with his professional work — he spends his time giving back as a teacher, as a mentor, and as a regular volunteer. He served for 6 years on the City of Austin Planning Commission.

Nhat Ho
Nhat HoPresident
Civilitude Engineers & Planners

Nhat focuses on balanced and sustained growth. As the President of Civilitude Engineers & Planners, he has been instrumental in elevating the company from its humble beginnings in 2010 to a reputable local firm with high profile projects and clients both in the public and private sectors. He is passionate about Affordable Housing and Civilitude has become the top firm for those projects. He is on the City of Austin’s Water and Wastewater Commission, Joint Sustainability Committee and the Boards for the Umlauf, RECA, and The Long Center.

Billy Moyer
Billy MoyerCOO
Civilitude Group of companies

Billy runs the operations for the entire Civilitude Group of Companies and is responsible for culture building and people development. He has over 27 years of experience teaching others about leadership. He has managed, trained and/or coached thousands of leaders through his own consulting company SOS Leadership. He has served as the interim CEO or COO of 7 companies and the Chief People Officer for more 10 companies. Billy has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and is the author of 4 books on leadership and business.

Conor Kenny
Conor KennyPrincipal
Capital A Housing

Conor is a local leader on Affordable Housing, transportation, and planning in Austin. He is a former chair of the city’s Planning Commission, where he led Commission efforts in land development code revisions and transportation policy. At Capital A, Conor has led successful efforts to secure subsidies, rezonings, public lands, and tax abatements for affordable and mixed-income housing. With a background in politics and policy, Conor brings expertise in government relations, community engagement, and policy writing and analysis, as well as urban planning and site design.

Kenda Dawwami
Kenda DawwamiPrincipal

Kenda‘s passion and extensive knowledge in the real estate and property management field enabled her to lead Fabitat, a realty brokerage and property management company. She uses her skills to efficiently develop SMART housing aimed at families looking for better, smarter places with reasonable prices. Kenda also plays an active social role and is passionate about helping refugees get settled in the Austin area.

Eyad Kasemi
Eyad KasemiPrincipal
Constructinople & Urbanuity

Eyad has soup-to-nuts breadth of knowledge in real estate development. He uses his 12 years of experience in land acquisition and land development in the US and overseas to lead Constructinople managing multiple consultants and contractors from feasibility to move-in. He wields his 6 years of experience effectively using financing instruments in the capital stack to maximize IRR for Urbanuity deals. He also holds the record for Civilitude’s fastest site permit in 4 months.

Leslie Botello
Leslie BotelloPrincipal
K921 Management

Leslie leads K921 Management that runs the finance, operations, and HR for all group entities. She also helped start Capital B Equity Partners that invests in small businesses, assisting their growth. Leslie has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Government from Texas A&M University and is currently pursuing her MBA. She came to the US at a young age from Mexico and is passionate about helping other immigrants succeed.

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